Jingang quan

Diamond Boxing, is a boxing whose origins would be Shaolin North.                
Diamond boxing (or big diamond) "has a long history, rich in content, with the aim of real combat,                 linked to the entire Shaolin boxing system. She appeared during the Song Dynasty in Songshan Shaolin Temple.
Demo Master Li Jiuquan , Chongqinq city.

The Golden Fist (jīngāng quán) or the Shaolin Golden Fist or Diamond Boxing, is a relatively old traditional boxing and representative of North Shaolin. Its comprehensive system, its rich martial arts connotation, its unique technical form, its combet value and simple and practical self-defense, occupy an important place.
Boxing Shaolin's Golden Fist belongs to a complete Shaolin boxing system with a long history. Although it is easy to learn the method of this boxing, the understanding is not obvious.
This boxing method was created during the Song and Yuan Dynasties and was transmitted to the Shaolin Temple in Shaoshan, under the Ming Dynasty, and was used as a Kungfu system for the temple.
Later, for historical reasons, this boxing method has long been secret.
Wei Linhu Teacher

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