Hua Quan

Hua quan or he China-style boxing (no flower) originated in jining of shandong province. It is said that during the Kaiyuan reign of the Tang Dynasty (713/741), a mount Hua knight named Cai Mao killed his ennemy of the noble family of Chang'an, and went to hide in Rencheng. Cai Mao was excellent at combat and sword play. About 400 years later, Cai's offspring, Cai Tai and Cai Gang, were also proficient at combat and were often chosen to compete in prefectural and national wushu contests. They developed thier style into the present-day Hua Quan. Cai Wanzhi of Jining, during the Jaiqing reign of the Ming Dynasty (1522/1566), put the finishing touch to Hua Quan by writing a book the secret of Hua Quan. He based his book on the traditional philosophy of combining spirit, breath and ego.