Gala 1967

First Martial Arts Gala in the United States in 1967 organized by Grand Master Y.C.Wong. Nobody believed it, and even less the Masters because at that time kung-fu fu was unknown.
Besides, several Masters did not want to attend. At that time, there were no Kung Fu movies, neither Bruce Lee, nor the Kung-fu series. Chinese martial arts schools in America were closed to Westerners (For Chinese, Westerners were conceited, arrogant and above all unruly). Y.C.Wong was the first to open his school to Westerners (just like in Hong Kong). On this video: Grand Master Y.C.Wong Stick 8 trigrams with partner. Double chain. Dragon dance. Lau gar with the pupils. Butterfly knives against bare hands, early 5 animals, lance against saber, pekkwar (by the son), free fight against knives and bare hands, tiger and crane

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