Rock eagle claw

Rock Eagle claw style comporte 4-section and 82 movement action of eagle imitationg boxing. Peregrine falcon boxing is a fully exclusive and equitable one taking in and absorbing CHinese martial arts like the flexible dragon steps of split, hit, drill,beat and eight diagrams in form and will boxing and makes "Perfrine Falcon Boxing" combien vigor and suppleness flexibility and "joint forces on five merits" together to store up and then send out strengh. The Rock Eagle Claw boxing integrates spirit of brave, struggle, strong, courageous, rapid and fierce into itself making both dynamic and static in movement and void and solid, fall and roll, mentality and shape in one and integrate other cultures like imitation of nature in taoism and" benevolence" in confucianism it is a wonderfull flower in martial arts in south-west Hunan culture
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