Cha Kung fu

Demonstration by Gao Zulan from Fujian.
Cha Style Kung Fu is one of the five major schools in Changquan (Long Distance Boxing), a traditional martial arts boxing game that has spread widely among the Hui people from Shandong Province.

There are different opinions about the origin of this style of boxing. The most popular origin would be its creation during the Ming Dynasty by Shamil (Shang Yi), a patriot who trained fighters to repel the Japanese invader.
However, due to long distances and changing climate, he was infected with the disease at Luxi during a long trip. After being carefully cared for by the local Hui people, ill gradually recovered. In order to thank them, Cha Shangyi taught his martial arts to Hui nationality.
After his death, people called this style "Cha", to honor his memory.

Cha style of boxing is popular in north China.
According to the chronicle of the Cha family boxing a Tang Dynastie (618-907) crusade went on an expedition to east China.
The characteristics of the Cha-style boxing lie in the fact that its movements are graceful, comfortable, clear, continuous and rhytmic.
The generation of strengths and forces are abrupt, and the use of energy is economical. This style of boxing stresses the usage of both hands and feet at the same time in executing the movements.
Various tricks and moves are combined and linked to facilitate continuous attacks.