Duck boxing

It is said that a Taoist named Lu Yadao, (known as a green duck) living in Lushan Mountain during the Tang Dynasty, observed in the duck pond, and by his observation, created several forms duck boxing.
Duck boxing is one of the exceptional cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.
Song Jinlan 73 years old represents duck boxing. For her, this boxing is doomed to disappear. "Today's" martial arts "are becoming" dance ".
Duck-shaped boxing is a practical fighting technique. Song Jinlan said duck boxing not only imitates the agility and bravery of ducks when playing in water or shrimp fishing,  the two palms swing and the movements are very light, but also the flexibility of the movements which makes the striking powerful. This boxing has the characteristic of dodging and allows to be very flexible.
Song Jinlan told the press that when she practiced duck-shaped boxing at Nanhu Park last year, this fun little boxing method has attracted a lot of people and some have come to learn, but over time, all but one practice was discontinued. For Song Jinlan this is not surprising, because duck boxing seems to be simple, but it is not easy to learn and to stay constantly focused on the lower body. Despite this, people who came to learn boxing with Song Jinlan were also limited to seniors who came to the park to morning exercises. Nowadays young people rarely have the opportunity to defend themselves, but they pay more attention to performance, obviously duck-shaped fists do not have these characteristics. Song Jinlan can not understand that some martial arts in order to continue to exist adopt a beautiful posture, change the action and movements that seem to stretch to the extreme and become very fanciful, but are not effective in protecting your body and wanting to change everything, it's misinterpreting the true meaning of martial arts. "It's dance, not martial arts." But that kind of background idea also makes the duck fist more marginal.
One thing Song Jinlan doesn't think about is that after several generations of existence, duck-shaped boxing disappears. Song Shujin, secretary general of the Changchun City Wushu Association, told reporters that boxing is now in decline. Nowadays, only martial arts for young people has a future. Consequently, no one wants to practice duck boxing any more.
Secretary General Song went to Shenyang with Song Jinlan some time ago. When Song Jinlan practiced duck-shaped boxing, the whole audience was constantly laughing: everyone thought that this method was very funny. As a result, fewer and fewer people practice duck boxing. Secretary-General Song believes that if duck-shaped boxing is to continue to exist, movements should be simplified so that more people can practice.

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