saolimSao-Lim Hood Khar Paï

Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï is a fighting art from southern China, imbued with Ch'an Buddhism (Zen).
It is a method to reform the body (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination ...) and the mind (calm, lucidity, attention, reactivity ...) in order to make it more suitable for combat, then for accomplishment spiritual.
The Ch'an dimension of Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï lies in the quality and intensity sought during practice.

Training is approached as a fight in itself, in which each act is accomplished with a total physical and mental investment. This quest for perfection, common to most artistic or spiritual paths, leads the practitioner to the stage of completion that the Chinese call themselves "Kung Fu", where it is easy to express oneself freely. The Sao-Lim, like all the martial ways, is not practicable by that which is at will indefectible to advance, by itself, by physical and mental sufferings.
The Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï (HKP) tactic is based on a very close combat distance.
She favors the counter-attack compared to the equivalent and seeks maximum power in each technique.
The Sao-Lim HKP is transmitted from generation to generation mainly via the coded movements called "taos". These events are the main training tools for this system.
They are a series of "molds" in which they must flow until they know the interstices and adopt exactly the outlines. Through this work, the student gradually lowers his center of gravity, strengthens his legs, associates himself, develops his coordination, his power, his concentration and absorbs the basic techniques of the system. In addition to this initial formative function, data transfer is an encrypted know-how that is unveiled at elevation and progression.
Working with a partner is a key piece in the study of Sao-Lim HKP.
Techniques are first applied in an idealized setting where the student can work with confidence; are gradually being dismantled and depending on progress. Gradually, he becomes aware of the fundamental principles that govern the techniques, and perhaps so to adapt to unexpected situations when he meets.
This work, once well integrated, leads to the individual more discernment, and autonomy, incident to cross the veil of appearances. The anatomical hardships, without taking into account a preponderant place in the system, are no less an unavoidable element in the basic work of Sao-Lim HKP. The interception of attacks is initially done by perpendicular blocks, the beginner by the need to strengthen his forearms. But later this work leads to a more optimal use of the energy of timing and trajectories; as soon as the hardships are no longer of great interest and they are outsourced and we have used more advanced exercises.

Finally, Ch'an (Zen) meditation is an integral part of the training at Sao-Lim HKP.
It must be borne in mind that this style has been developed for several generations of Buddhist monks who have spent every day meditation. This practice allows them to be a state of mind on which strongly relies the combat and educational system of Sao-Lim HKP. According to Master P'ng Chye Khim, the report of meditation and work on oneself included in practice, the terms to be defined in the art of fighting issues of vigor or physical skill.

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