The Great Monk responsible of the temple in deep meditation then bowed and prayed to the Buddha.

Upon request of the president of the USA, who liked series of Kung Fu, the Chinese State re-opened Shaolin (with dynamite), whose entry was blocked and abandoned for a long time. Revealed by a handful of Japanese experts in the 80s, Shaolin began to generate some "monks", thus revealing its secrets to the "Bataclan" and others "Folies Bergeres"; some Westerners even put on a monk's toga (Should we laugh about it?)…Shaolin has become a real flnancial empire (we will avoid controversy about it), and a protected trade mark, Buddhism (originally non-violent, spot the mistake!) is accumulating shows and high standing in the aim to welcome the most naïve people, at the expense of traditional arts…. But this is intended by the State to keep control. Some areas will even build future temples spending millions of dollars. WuDang Mountains are following the same path for the spiritual version … Is that the only way to survive for the martial arts, which don’t have any more their place in the modern world?