Enpi (empi) kata

"Flight of swallow", name given by Sensei Funakoshi Gichin.
This is an ancient kata of Okinawa and dates from 1683. This kata was imported by a Chinese Kung fu master named "Wanshu" .
It still bears the name of its creator Wanshu in the style of Karate "Wado-ryu" and "Shito-ryu". Master Funakoshi allegedly changed the name to cut the relationship between this kata between China and Japan

Wolfgang Herbert studied philosophy and theology at the University of Vienna before entering the doctoral programs on Japanese studies and criminal sociology there, gaining his Ph.D. in 1993.
He is currently teaching at Konan University and Kobe and Osaka University of Economics. Wolfgang owns the 5. Dan of Shôtôkan Karate and is dôjô manager of the SKIF Tokushima/Jôanjima branch Dan Shôtôkan Karate

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