Sensei Wolf HERBERT

Wolfgang Herbert studied philosophy and theology at the University of Vienna before entering the doctoral programs on Japanese studies and criminal sociology there, gaining his Ph.D. in 1993.
He is currently teaching at Konan University and Kobe and Osaka University of Economics. Wolfgang owns the 5. Dan of Shôtôkan Karate and is dôjô manager of the SKIF Tokushima/Jôanjima branch Dan Shôtôkan Karate,
Wolfgang aka "Wolf" Herbert started to practice Karate when he was 15 years of age.
1978 he became Junior Champion in the discipline Kata of the JKA Austria (ÖKB)
1979 1st DAN conferred upon him by Shihan Sugimura Kôichi
1982 Wolf joins the SKI Austria (KSKKÖ)
1983 2nd DAN from Sôke Kanazawa Hirokazu
1984 SKI Austria Individual Kata & Kumite National Champion
1984 5th SKIF European Championship Individual Kata finalist
1985, 1986 SKI Austria Individual Kata National Champion
1982-1988 Regular training in the Dôjô of Sensei Fujinaga Yasuyuki (JKA)
1983-1988 President and Chief Instructor of the SKI-Dôjô Vienna He also attended numerous intensive courses under Kanazawa Hirokazu, Kawasoe Norio, Nagai Akio, Koga Rikuta, Miura Masaru a.o.
1997/98 Wolf taught Karate for students of the German School in Kobe
2011 Wolf was promoted to 4th DAN by Sôke Kanazawa Hirokazu
2015 18th SKIF Kinki Regional Championship Individual Kata 3rd place
2016 36th SKIF All Japan Karate-dô Championship Masters II (50-59 yrs) Individual Kata 3rd place
2016 Examination and promotion to 5th DAN by Sôke Kanazawa Hirokazu
2017 37th SKIF All Japan Karate-dô Championship Masters II (50-59 yrs) Individual Kata 3rd place

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