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Brief history:
Louis WAN DER HEYOTEN CN 8th dan Expert in karate-Do, TaiChiChuan & ChiKong. Live in France.

Louis Wan Der Heyoten has been practising Karate-Do for 50 years. Turning 68 this year, he is pleased to have met Senseï YAHARA with whom he built up his experience. He is currently 8th dan, DESJEPS. «Over the years, I have trained more than 300 black belts, including two 6th dan national champions which I am very proud of. In 1972, I brought karate to Djibouti. Then, with my students, we funded the construction of a dojo in Réo, Burkina Faso, a village situated roughly 130km from the country’s capital.
Every two years, we make the trip back there to bring technical assistance and equipment.
Alongside this, I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kong for 42 years.
I am also the technical manager in my school (E, T, K, I) which brings together a dozen clubs and almost 500 students. I have also studied naturopathy (natural medicine) and hold a doctorate from the National Académie du Québec (10 years of studies). While I’m on a roll, I introduced myself to Feng Shui and have been a consultant in it for several years.
Finally, I am the author of thirty publications. After years of competing, the warlike and energising aspect of karate is what I am most passionate about.

Some do it to learn how to defend themselves, as they see themselves as an easy target. Others embrace karaté to improve their physical and mental development, believing they will get better results from their efforts along with a more well-rounded discipline in themselves. Far more are attracted to karate for its remarkable prowess and the competition. In a word, people practise karate so that their interactions with their surroundings are more harmonious.

Finally, it’s a sport for life!
My approach to these martial arts of varying origins has helped me to become more tolerant in my daily life.
• Japanese Karaté-do develops strict discipline and perseverance.
•Chinese Tai Chi Chuan brings about flow and the ability to let go of things. It taught me to do as dolphins do, in other words glide along in the direction of the water. It’s perfect harmony.
• Chinese Chi Kong allows you to prevent illnesses and be aware of your internal strength.
A magical and deeply humanist trio there. When one understands a people’s philosophy and innermost thoughts, one develops in oneself

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