The Zen school

zenZen, a Japanese philosophical school of Chinese influence imported into Japan in the 12th century, or "religion of non-religion" (A. Miller), encourages everyone to seek enlightenment, enlightenment (Satori). A third eye which opens and which makes it possible to discover humanity as it really is, to see clearly in itself and to restore to the contaminated spirit its original purity. Enlightenment can be achieved through meditation, but it can very well occur through an event in daily life or through the practice of a martial art. This school of thought has enormously influenced the life of the Samurai and it is admitted that it is at the origin of the elaboration of the code of honor, the famous Bushido. At the beginning of the 20th century, Nitobe Inazo redefined the “way of the warrior” through seven virtues; Justice, Courage, Kindness, Courtesy, Honesty, Honor and Loyalty. The warrior despises death and approaches each new day as if it were to be the last. How to live, how to die? The way of the saber constantly asked this question and in it found the spirit of Zen.

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