Master Zhang

Heavenly Master Zhang was a legendary immortal capable of fighting demons and chasing away evil spirits.

In the past, his portrait was displayed on the front door of the house as the protector God of the home, and there was written next to it "here is the heavenly master Zhang" to intimidate the evil spirits. This celestial master was actually the deification of the founder of the Taoist religion Zhang Ling (or Zhang Daoling), originally from Feng of the kingdom of Pei (today Feng district of Jiangsu province). Very active between the years 120 and 144, he studied extensively and served as prefect in Jiangzhou (Chongqing city, Sichuan province).

He was able to recite the Tao Te Ching when he was seven years old.

He had studied the Confucian classics, the "Book of Odes", the "Annules", the "Book of Changes", the "Chronicle of Spring and Autumn". He took his disciples to Mount Heming in the Dayi district of Sichuan province, and there he practiced virtue.

It is said to have become immortal. He wrote a book which said to have been dictated by the Great Venerable one (It was Li Er, or Laozi "Lao tzu" founder of the Taoist philosophy), the great thinker of the kingdom of Chu, of the time of the Spring and Autumn.

Zhang gave himself the title of "Creator of the Mystical Doctrine of the Great Limpidity", and founded the Taoist religion. Followers of this religion used witchcraft, amulets and talismans; they improvised as healers in order to widen their contacts with the people. With the money raised, they organized charitable works: building roads and bridges, hunting evil spirits, free meals and accommodation for refugees, etc. This is how under the reign of Emperor Shundi of the Han dynasty at the time of the Eastern Jin (317-420) and until the period of the Southern and Northern dynasties (220-589 ), arose among the members of the Taoist religion, remarkable characters like Ge Hong, Tao Hongjing and Lu Xiuping in the South, and Kou Qianzhi in the North. All of them have remarkably enriched the fields of medicine, protection of the vital principle, alchemy, geography and astronomy of ancient China. Among these scholars, Ge hong and Tao Hongjing are particularly known as for their contribution in the field of pharmacy and medicine.

Zhang Liang's current descendant is Zhang Jiyu, born in Hanwencheng, he is the 65th generation grandson of Taoist founder Zhang Daoling
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