tang langAbout our teacher: Gao jian

Brief history:

Mr.Jian Gao started learning Tai Chi from his father in Beijing at age of 15,since then, he has practised Chinese martial arts over 45 years up to the year 2014.

In 1973,he was introduced to meet grand master,Mr.Ma Han Qing in Beijing and was accepted as a student.

He constantly practised Wu style (Northern) Tai Chi Quan then Tai Chi pushing hand followed by Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing under grand master Ma Han Qing for about 15 years in Beijing.

In October 1983,Jian attended initiation ceremony with his Kung Fu brother --- master Wang Xi Shun, both were accepted as the disciples of Mr.Ma Han Qing.

In 1988, Jian left China and came to Australia.

From 1991,he started teaching Wu Style Tai Chi privately during weekends and holidays. In 2005,Jian registered our institute name: Harmonies Art Research, Australia and started teaching Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing together with Wu Style Tai Chi Quan and its pushing hand as a hobby 
up to now.

 (B) Styles and systems studied:

 1, Wu Style Tai Chi 
2, Six Harmonies Praying Mantis 

Both were studied under Mr.Ma Han Qing who was the chairman of Mantis Boxing Research of Beijing Wushu Association and the adviser of Wu Style Tai Chi Research of Beijing Wushu Association.
(C) Current status and qualifications in Chinese martial art practice:

Jian is an Australian accredited coach of NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme).
He is currently ranked at the 7th Duan (Dan) in Chinese Martial Art ranking system (Zhong Guo Wushu Duan Wei Zhi).

Jian is both the 5th generation of Wu Style Tai Chi and the 8th generation of Six Harmonies Praying Mantis lineage holder.
2,Qualifications gained from competitions:
Jian achieved the 4th place in traditional Tai Chi Quan routine in Beijing Tertiary Institutions (Universities) Wushu tournament held in 1981 in Beijing, China.

6 harmony
He obtained the 1st place both in Wu style Tai Chi traditional routine and competition routine in group E (aged 50~59) at the 5th International Wushu Invitational Tournament held in 2004 in Beijing, China.
He is also the gold medallist in Praying Mantis Boxing traditional routine in group E (aged 50~59) at the same tournament.

(D) Personal manner:
Jian is a western minded traditional Chinese who upholds the Taoist philosophy and cultivates THE WAY personally.
He is an easy-going teacher and has a casual personal manner.

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