fong ha

Master Fong Ha

Sifu Fong Ha Sifu Fong Ha has been practicing Chinese internal arts since his childhood and has studied with many renowned teachers.
He began his studies of Yang-style Taijiquan in 1953 with Tung Ying-chieh, and continued with Yang Sau-chung, the eldest son of Yang Cheng-fu. Fong’s exploration then led into the realm of I Ch’uan.

One of the few I Ch’uan teachers in the West, Fong Ha is well known for his power, graciousness, and cosmopolitan charm.
With humor and insight, he encourages students to be true to themselves, to recognize their inner strengths, develop at their own pace, and actualize their potentials. He directs the Integral Chuan Institute in Berkeley, California and teaches nationally and internationally. He is the author of Yiquan and the Nature of Energy:
The fine art of doing nothing and achieving everything (Berkeley: Summerhouse Publications, 1996). He also produced the video, Stillness in Movement: The Practice of T’ai Chi Chuan with Master Fong Ha (Vision Arts Video, 1996)
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