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Born in Geneva in 1966, Dominique Falquet began his career in martial arts in 1984.
After a year of trial and error in various systems he began the Iaï-do (handling of the Japanese sword) with Pascal Krieger, who will have a very strong influence on following his journey.
This teacher (a former student of the late master Draeger), in addition to indisputable expertise in Japanese martial arts (Judo, Jodo and Iaï-do), also has a deep knowledge of their philosophical, cultural and human aspects. His teaching, although focused on intense physical practice, is nonetheless a real school of life, often leading the individual well beyond the goals he himself had set.
In 1988, Dominique Falquet began a journey in Asia. He travels for several months in China, visiting many schools and historical martial arts sites, but without meeting the exceptional characters he had naively expected to find. After a stint in Hong Kong he vainly pursues his quest in Thailand before ending up in Malaysia with Mr. Karunakaran (another student of Master Draeger, teacher of Jodo) who introduces him to Master P'ng Chye Khim, chief instructor of the Sao-Lim Athletic Association of Penang.
The next day Dominique Falquet begins his initiation at Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï. Dominique Falquet This first stay is extended for two years, during which he devotes himself entirely to the study of Sao-Lim under the guidance of Master P'ng and his instructors. Over the next ten years he will spend nearly half in Malaysia, working Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï, then Hsing-I chuan and Taïchi chuan always with Master P'ng.
In 1996, Dominique Falquet settled in Berlin where he founded a group of Sao-Lim and animates internships, then in 2002 he returned to Geneva where he happily found the courses of Iaï-do by Pascal Krieger and created the group « Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï Geneva ».
Finally in 2007 he founded the club "Yi-Xin" where he now teaches the three arts (Sao-Lim, Tai-Chi and Hsing-I) that he received from Master P'ng, fulfilling his debt to its teachers and teachers by guiding in turn all those who want to engage on this path.
By Dominique Falquet

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