• The Shang lineage of Xingyi welcomes you/ We present to you the Shang lineage of Xingyi.

    Xing yi Chinese martial arts are many and complex. The Xingyi style includes and transmits their quintessence, and is one of the most powerful modern chinese styles. It's a unique style, which encompasses ideology and thought, technique and tactics, meditation and self awareness training.
    In the Shang lineage of the Xingyi style, founded by Shang Yunxiang, developed by Li Wenbin, and spread by Li Hong, one is devoted to the great masters of Xingyi and trains constantly, strengthening body and technique: that's how one joins the famous chinese martial art.

    by Li Hong Xing yi quan

  • Shang Xingyi blends the essence of chinese martial arts and Xingyi.

    sims This style was transmitted from its founder, Master Shan Yunxiang, to his disciple Li Wenbin, who shaped its theory and gave instructions for practice, enabling any person to train in this martial art.
    Practicing martial arts allows anybody, regardless of age or sex, to obtain results; anybody can enter the temple of chinese martial arts. Practicing Shang Xingyi, with daily training one can notice improvement in the attack and defense technique, in the regulation of inner strength, in one's life philosophy; Shang Xingyi has beneficial effects that touch a person's life in its every facet: physical, work related, mental, familial, and of personal success.
    Shang Xingyi is based on three forms (三体式): standing exercises, the Huaihong step, the composite punch of the eagle grasp.
    The three forms are realized in five lines and twelve forms, treating the hit as a single form, and the weapon as a single body (顾打一式,拳械一体). The style takes its meaning from the form, and consolidates strength with practice; the exercises get more intense every day, and it's important to perceive (feel the sensation) first and apply later.
    By taking the enemy by surprise, one puts him in the condition of "absence of form and meaning".

    by Li Hong Xing yi quan

  • A Generation of Masters

    The teachings of the previous generation of masters focused on martial morals.
    Despite having defeated countless enemies, their actions and their fruit was filled with values in the defense of morals and love of the fatherland, there was a strenuous desire to become more valiant, and there was a fruitful exchange of opinions and ideas among peers, all for the defense of the fatherland. Thus, each martial art master of every school and epoch praises the strength and moral value of Shang Xingyi, its scientific method of study, the power it generates and the strength it gives to mind and body.
    The great encouragement coming from martial arts schools allows to realize the essence of Shang Xingyi, that is, the return to nature, the recall of true power, the benefits is gives to oneself, to people and to the whole world.

    by Li Hong Xing yi quan

Blends the essence A Generation of Masters