selIn his book "Health Care Currencies (Bao Sheng Ming)", Sun Simiao, a famous Chinese physician of antiquity, says Salt abuse harms health and reduces life.
In his "Simple Words on Healthy Eggs (Yang Sheng Fu YU)", Chen Jiru, another physician of the time of the Ming Dynasty, presents Three elderly octogenarians 'strong as oaks'. Regarding their longevity, they claim that they live in a region that is poor in salt and are not able to take steps.
Ma Jiantan, 65 years old, one more beard and black hair like jet.
It is also good foot good eye.
A bland diet is at the origin of the vigor.
This Taoist maxim is best understood by the book of cinnabar dan chu: "moderate tastes, good vitality".
And to believe this old popular saying: "Unsalted dishes, good health, less salt, less harm".

It causes fluid retention, promotes excess weight, resulting in heart problems (do not forget according to 5 elements, water destroys fire) , causes ulcers, fatigue, insomnia and an increase in aggressiveness.
It should be preferred sea salt (but in moderate use) and proscribe the salt of supermarket.
Soy sauce or sesame enhances the taste of food.
Good salt (moderately consumed), salty foods refresh the blood, regulates the function of the spleen and stomach and fortifies the kidneys, bones and tendons, but in excess weakens the bones and retracts the flesh.
Excess of salty food makes the blood stagnant (alters the complexion)
Avoid salt in case of edema of the lower limbs or hypertension.

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