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Brief history:

Praying Mantis Boxing is one of the well known Chinese martial arts popularly practised in the world featured with fast, sharp and practical fighting techniques.
Currently, Qi Xing or ‘Seven star’, Mei Hua or ‘Plum blossom’ and Liu He or ‘Six Harmonies’ are three of the most influential styles among the Praying Mentis Boxing family.
As we know:
Liu He Tang Lang features unified internal and external body movements, integrated elastic power and solid footing stance.
In order to suit real fighting situation, its body weight is mainly on the rear leg similar to that of ‘San Ti Shi’ of ‘Xing Yi’。

Harmoniously unified internal and external movements is particularly required in this style which means that for internal, the heart unifies intent, the intent unifies ‘Qi’ energy and the ‘Qi’ energy unifies power;
for external, the hands unified feet, the elbows unified knees and the shoulders unified hips.

It adopted postures and movements of different styles of Chinese martial arts from praying mantis, monkey and whipping forms so its hand forms contain lots of vertical and horizontal circular or spiral movements. 6 harmonyThe characters of its body manner are harmoniously unified, subtly elastic and vigorously powerful.

It pays attention on power converting between soft and hard, obvious and hidden forming a wave like rhythm; it also requires relaxed, sunken power and sticky, adhering, engaged techniques like those required in Tai Chi.
In order to find a real opportunity in fighting, it requires practitioners to pay particular intention on right positions or postures with piercing movement and momentum which is called ’Zhan Shi’ or ‘get the position’.
With rich fighting techniques, it has hooking, deflecting, sawing, filling, tying, sealing, seizing, and pulling etc, particularly the techniques of ‘tying up, sealing up, rolling over and leaking out’ which means to find a loop hole to attack its opponent. Based on ‘Liu He Duan Chui’ or ‘Short thumps’ in English, ‘Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing’ or ‘Liu He Tang Lang’ is a power balanced, pragmatic, practical Chinese martial art, which is an ingredient of mantis techniques, vigour of ‘Xing Yi’ and relaxed sunken power of ‘Tai Chi’. ‘Liu He Duan Chui’ that we are going to show is a special Taolu in 7 traditional Six Harmonies praying mantis boxing routines. 6 harmony The reason why we call it ‘special’ is because it is the only routine which has no praying mantis features in six harmonies praying mantis boxing, but it is also the best one representing the power of six harmonies;
It is ‘Liu He Duan Chui’ that makes six harmonies praying mantis boxing differ from other styles of praying mantis boxing. Therefore we say that the ‘Liu He Duan Chui’ is the ‘gourmet powder’ or the foundation of six harmonies praying mantis boxing;
it is also one of the two most important routines in Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing (the other one is ‘Shuang Feng’ or ‘Double whips’).
‘ Liu the Duan Chui’ can be practised either faster or slower, more relaxed or more compacted, with higher stance or lower stance; so it suits different people with different ages.

Please pay intention on harmoniously coordinated movements with spirit, particularly its wave like rhythms.
6 harmonyIf we practise it regularly, it can surly help us improving our conditions both mentally and physically.
For historical reasons, the real face of Liu He Tang Lang has been hardly known; the mixture of good ones and bad ones with different practising manners created some prejudices from people to the style thus misled the spreading of the style in certain extent.

So in here, based on showing the ‘Liu He Duan Chui’, I would like to share my own comprehension and experience with you as a reference to explain the unique style of this guileless, practical and distinctive Chinese martial art.

This DVD is mainly for those Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing practitioners and enthusiasts, apart from this introduction and routine demonstrations, most parts are from my actual Australian teaching clips which are in English。 Thank you all!
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