Démonstration de tai chi chuan Mouvement du Dao

Bien que la vidéo s'intitule incorrectement Tai Chi Demonstration (Démonstration de Tai Chi), il y a du Taijiquan et c'est la base de la principale caractéristique de cette vidéo, qui est "Mouvement du Dao". Cette vidéo est en grande partie une démonstration physique du mouvement d'improvisation, c'est en quoi consiste mon article précédent sur l'improvisation présenté sur Sifu Mag. En d'autres termes, l'improvisation fait partie de "Mouvement du Dao" mais pas la totalité.

Taijiquan And The Dao Of Movement
Alan Sims

The video presented here is the result of an opportunity and a casual suggestion from myself to present some Taijiquan and also a limited version of what I call "The Dao Of Movement".
I say limited version because "The Dao Of Movement" or pure improvisational movement can be applied to specific fields such as sports (footwork in particular), martial arts application, character portrayals (such as in opera), dance, or just movement performance itself.
The editing and filming was actually done very quickly by Jack Griffin (or as he said hastily) whom I met in the Science Of Spirituality.
Although the improvised movements are to a degree redundant, this is a true example of the difficulty of true improvisation. Improvisation is not something that I practice physically as I don't want to get into the habit of having favorite movements. This is a real challenge in solo demonstration.
The following is a breakdown of the video:
1-:33 (seconds)- Wu/Hao form(Beginning)
:33-1:08- Improvisational Movement
1:09-1:17- Chen Xiao Jia 1st form (White Ape Offers Fruit) Zi Rulei's book
1:18-2:35- Improvisational Movement
2:37-3:00- Chen Xiao Jia (small frame)
1st routine (form, frame)
"Brush Knee & Twist Step"-
"Fan Through The Back"
3:03-3:58- Improvisational Movement
3:59-4:17- Chen Xiao Jia "Mustang
Ruffling It's Mane"- "Tying The
4:18-5:40- Improvisational Movement.
5:41-5:51- Opening of Chen Xiao Jia 1st. form
5:52-6:31- Taiji diagram tracing while
walking in the forward stance
6:32-6:49- Beginning of Jou Tsung Hwa's
Chen 1(first routine)

I am deeply grateful to Larry Banks for his Taijiquan and to the one and only late Taiji genius Jou Tsung Hwa and his original and later students. I also want to thank Sifu Mag for this video presentation and all of my previous articles. And a very special thanks to Jack Griffin: Videographer and Editor
Contact : artofactsproductions@gmail.com

by Alan Sims