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What prospects!

In these troubled times, where everything is disposable, where even our hearts are interchangeable, SifuMag wants to be a reference, a kind of home base for all of you seeking, practising or dreaming of a genuine, robust and honest (war-like) mind, where loyalty and strength of character are common denominators and not fantasies to be mocked from afar. This said, SifuMag would like to wish a warm welcome to all. In this first issue, we are intentionally devoting SifuMag to the theme of sharing, to the fraternal core of a round table, around which we all sit as equals in our eagerness to learn from each other, where we communicate with respect and gratitude in order to eventually forge a worthy and noble character, and forge a mankind worthy of the name.
Of course, we will debate issues, ideas and varied concepts together, which, we do hope, will move us all forward in our development and which will motivate us to practise harder and with greater understanding. All this will bring us greater energy and will lighten our personal paths with calm and pure joy. On the other hand, we strongly rule out pointless and frivolous squabbles which will only serve to nourish our starved egos which can never be filled and which will lose us to bypaths where solitude and mediocrity always await us.
Let's not debate subjects which in the end won't move us forward, like knowing if in pure tradition such and such person really rubbed shoulders with such and such master, the number of styles said master was said to practise, let's not squabble over who was the first, the best or strongest, or the highest jumper. Let's instead focus on sharing and on the reality of our experience which alone will steer us towards the horizon that we have sincerely chosen for ourselves. In fact, as soon as we start acting, we realise that the enthusiasm of training motivates and transports us to a universe where there are no more questions, only answers... As you will have realised, the main aim of SifuMag is just to make you want to practise your martial art that bit harder, that's quite a good outcome for the world we live in. On this wavelength, we will meet again on SifuMag.
To martial artists, those wanting to look after your health or longevity, those wanting to develop your spirituality or those who like finding out about other fields, wishing you the good life...
Saline, for the SifuMag team.
Profits made by sales of Sifu Mag (English and French printed editions) are devoted to humanitarian aids.
Editorial staff is not responsible for texts, illustrations, drawings and photographs published that are exclusively the responsibility of the authors.
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"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." - Martin Luther King jr facebook nestle

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