Program W

  • WADO-RYU ( The origin of the name karate)Japanese Martial Arts

    The idea of Wado-Ryu Jujitsu Kempo is “peace and harmony”. Hironori Ohtsuka taught us in his poetry of “TEN, CHI, JIN NO RI-DO NI WASURU” that the way of the martial arts must not be mere fighting technique but the way of peace and harmony, The goal of the practice of this style is to bring peace and harmony, which is more difficult to be reached than the victory by violence. We must grow the undefeated will power and healthy body as well as the high intelligence in order to realize our ideal of peace and harmony which is require by the present world. (Sensei Shoji Nishimura)
  • Wado ryu KataJapanese Martial Arts

    Archive Kata KushanKu by master Hionori Otsuka. Ici...
  • Wan Yuan Gung Chinese Health

    Master Wong An-ping is the founder of Wan Yuan Gung. The movements and forms are simple and easy to learn regardless of a person's age, sex, or physical strength. Even someone who is bed-ridden can practice. Master Wong formulated Chinese Wan-Yuan Gung in 1996, using Chi Kun's healing qualities as th foundation and self-defense as the goal.
  • Wing Chun Chinese Martial Arts

    Wing Tsun in Cantonese; Fist of the Spring Chant There are several branches.

    Master Wan Kam Leung here...
    Master Au here ...
  • Wing Chun Form Chinese Martial Arts

    First form By Bertrand Lim.

  • Wong wing sang Chinese Martial Arts

    (or Wang yung sung) 3 th generation fondator wang lang tang lang mantis.
  • Wudang Tai chi chuan Chinese Martial Arts

  • Wuji Martial arts

    Wu ji with Master Fong Ha here...
  • Wong Long (wang lang) Chinese Martial Arts

    fondator mantis kung fu in Ming dynastie (1368 AD)
  • Worthy send off Chinese Martial Arts

    I began writing articles on Taijiquan in Tai Chi magazine, published by Marvin Smalheiser. more...
  • Wu Yu Xiang's Taijiquan Chinese Martial Artss