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  • Taekwondo history Korea martial arts

  • Tai chi Dongyue Chinese Martial Arts

    The Tai chi chuan Tong Yue (Dongyue taijiquan), was created on January 1, 2000 by Master Men Hui Feng ici
  • Tai chi power Chinese Martial Arts

    There are well over hundreds of informations in both Chinese and English about the bio-mechanics application to the huge mysterious power of the mastery skills. More...
  • Tai chi improves diabetes control health

    MNT - Hourly medical news since 2003 Search Opinions According to two small studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in April 2008, Tai Chi exercises can improve blood glucose levels and improve the control of type 2 diabetes and immune system response. More...
  • Taijiquan Wu Yu Xiang's Chinese Martial Arts

    A Kowtow To The Boxers Of Old " Wu Yu Xiang's Taijiquan". more...
  • Tai chi chuan (Taijiquan) name origin Chinese Martial Arts

    hen Yang Lu Chan first taught the art in Yung Nien, his art was referred to as 'Mien Quan' or (Cotton Fist) or 'Hua Quan' (Neutralising Fist), more...
  • Tai chi chuan Sun Chinese Martial Arts

    History here...
  • Tai chi chuan Wudang Chinese Martial Arts

  • tai chi chuan Yang Chinese martial arts

    The originator of the Yang-style Taiji boxing (tai chi chuan) was Yang luchan (1800-1873 or 1799 -1872)
  • Taijiquan, Improvisation as a performing art Tai chi chuan

    In the days of Mozart when the skills of musicians were to be put to the test, they were called upon to improvise on a theme. Dancers today often claim to feature the art of improvisation in their programs going so far as introducing a concept known as "contact improvisation". More...
  • tai chi chuan Chen Chinese Martial Arts

    In May of 2015, I discovered a book written in Chinese on the Chen family's 64 posture "small frame" form that had been published in 2014. More...
  • Tai chi Tang lang Chinese Martial Arts

    Tai chi tang lang mantis kung fu history here
  • Tai Sin Pek kwar Chinese Martial arts

    Pek Kwar evolved into Tai Shing Pek Kwar through a street fighter named Kou Sze, who was in solitary confinement serving an eight year prison sentence for killing another villager in a fight. To pass time he studied a group of monkeys who lived in the trees outside the prison walls. When the monkeys were fighting he discovered they used moves similar to a style of kung fu he knew. here
  • Takeda budo Japanese martial arts

    coming soon
  • Taijutsu Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Body arts. The techniques of Aikido done without weapons
  • Taikyokuken Japanese tai chi chuan

    Japanese Tai Chi Chuan form created by Yong Meiji of the Chinese Academy of Tokyo.
    This is the Japanese version of the small yang form of tai chi chuan of Beijing More...
  • Tantui Chinese Martial Arts

    Leg Flicking boxing (fouettant).
  • Tai Sing Pek Kwar Chinese martial arts

    Tai Sing Pek Kawr or Pek Kwar It is an ancient style of Shaolin which dates from the Ming Dynasty and whose first writings date from around 1500. here...
  • Teisho Japanese Martial Arts technique

    Palm heel block.
    Training Teisho by Master Louis Van Der Heyoten here
  • Tang lang Liu He Chinese Martial Arts form

    Liu He Tang lang 'Cang Hua' form here
  • Tang lang Liu He Chinese Martial Arts form

    2016 Liu He Tang lang 'Lightning fist' class here
  • Tang lang Liu He Chinese Martial Arts form

    Liu He Tang lang 'Dian chui' form here
  • Tang lang Liu He Chinese Martial Arts form

    Liu He Tang lang 'Double whip' form here
  • Tan Tui Chinese Martial Arts

    Coming soon
  • Tang lang seven stars Chinese Martial Arts tutorial

    Tutorial complet basic tang lang 7 stars mantis kung fu here
  • Tang lang seven stars Chinese Martial Arts tutorial

    Tutorial basic fist tang lang 7 stars mantis kung fu here
  • Tang lang seven stars Chinese Martial Arts form

    Form 18 gods here
  • Tambo (definition) Japanese Martial Arts

    The Tam-bo is a special discipline of the art of the long stick (Jo jitsu). The Tambo uses for its technique all the fundamental displacements of the Aikido. The length of the Tam-bo is 50 cm.
  • Tonfa Japanese Martial Arts

    tonfa The Tonfa is an agricultural tool (part of a stone wheel) transform into a weapon. Usually in pairs. here
  • Tao sse Chinese culture

    There is also another philosophical think of Lao Tzu, the religion called Tao ssé or tao kiao, here...french only, coming soon in english .
  • Taoisme Chinese culture

    We must distinguish the true Taoism whose leaders were Lao Tzu and Tchouang Tzu here...french only, coming soon in english .
  • Tekki Shodan Karate Kata

    Karate kata shotokan here .
  • Tiger iron (iron tiger Chinese martial arts

    Master Au style. coming soon
  • Tobukan Japanese Martial Arts

    Famous Dojo of Kendo, Aido and Naginata built in 1874 by Ozawa Torakichi. yi quan
  • The Torso Method Tai Chi

    The Torso Method of JOU TSUNG HWA (article) ici
  • Transmission direct Chinese martial art

    by Master Fong Ha here
  • Tuong-dang Vietnamese Terminology

    Head level (jodan in japanese) yi quan
  • To Yu (master) Chinese martial arts

    Master Pakua Fu style .