Program S

  • Sai Japanese Martial Arts

    L'étude des Misikaï ou Mono, désignant les armes courtes proviennent du Kobudo (voie du combat ancien). Ces armes pouvaient être dissimuler aisément et par conséquent les transporter tout aussi facilement, ce qui en assurait une perpétuelle utilisation More...
  • Saito Morihiro Master

    (1928/2002 )Was born in Ibakari. In 1946, he met and became the student of Master Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei's closest disciple), the founder of Aikido.
  • Saito Hitohiro Master

    (1957 / ) Master Aikido 9Th . Hitohiro Saito is the son of Morihiro Saito Shihan.
  • Saline Latouille Association Martial Arts

    (1970/ ). styles: rock eagle claw, hung kuen, tai chi, pakua. Realisator and author. Founder with Fabien Association (1988) Pearl and Dragons (Perle et Dragons) (formerly Tao Foundation, IKFWS) for sharing traditional Chinese martial arts. Saline's Website"". + here...
  • Saolim "Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï" Martial Arts

    Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï is a fighting art from southern China, imbued with Ch'an Buddhism (Zen). It is a method to reform the body (strength, flexibility, balance, coordination ...) and the mind (calm, lucidity, attention, reactivity ...) in order to make it more suitable for combat, then for accomplishment spiritual. The Ch'an dimension of Sao-Lim Hood Khar Paï lies in the quality and intensity sought during practice. + More...
  • Salt Chinese Diet

    the salt according to the ancient text of Chinese medicine More...
  • Sanchin Kata Japanese Martial Arts

    According to some sources, it is assumed that there are more than 400 different katas in the world today, performed in many diverse styles of martial arts. However, if we are to single out one kata that is special in its form and significance, it would surely be the Sanchin kata. More...

    Video Kata by Calandra here...
  • Sawai Kennichi Master

    Expert d'arts martiaux japonais , créateur du Taiki-Ken. Expert en Judo, Iaido et Kendo, il apprit le Xing Yi Chuan (xin yi quan) avec Wang Chang Chai (Wang Zhang Zhai). De retour au Japon, il intitula son style Taiki-Ken.
  • Self- defense Martial Arts

    Martial arts and the knowledge in self- defense more
  • Sei-gan Japanese Martial Arts Terminology Kendo

    This is the most important position in Kendo. The Shinai is held in the center of the body. Head straight, chin tucked in, eyes wide open, mouth closed to keep the mind clear. more
  • Seisan kata Japanese Martial Arts

    Kata of Chinese origin was adopted in Okinawa. more
  • Sensei – The origin and meaning of the word Culture

    In various martial arts there are different names for the titles of some master ranks In the following text I am going to mention and explain some of the most popular ones. One of the most common and famous words in the martial arts that indicates a specific title is certainly the word sensei. More...
  • Senpai Terminology Japanese Martial Arts

    Senior Student & / or Teachers Assistant
  • Sha Guozheng Chinese Martials Arts

    Sha Guozheng (1904-1993). Chinese martial arts trainer, specialist in orthopedics. Beginner at the age of seven, he practices with different great Masters. Here...
  • Shaolin, general Xu Shiyou Chinese martial arts

    Even though he was uncompromising, not easy, he was a great general of the revolution and he was a real fighter. He was trained in Shaolin before his destruction. A testimony of learning in Shaolin, the real one and not the one of today. (See sifumag n ° 1)
  • Sha Guozheng Master

    Sha Guozheng (1904-1993). Chinese martial arts trainer, specialist in orthopedics. Beginner at the age of seven, he practices with different great Masters. Here...
  • Shang Yun Xiang Master

    1864/1937. Xing Yi Quan Master.
  • Shennong Chinese Medecine

    He had such a piercing view that he was capable of seeing the pathological phenomena which were produced in the human body. This Divine farmer brought yet another contribution to humanity. As the remedies did not yet exist, he tasted all the herbs to find those which could cure diseases. Here (French, coming soon in english)
  • Shinaï Japanese Martials Arts Kendo

    The Bamboo Shinai, for adults, measures 1M10 and weighs about 400 to 500 grs. It is made of four blades of bamboo assembled. Its different parts are:
    the tip - the blade - the back of the blade with a cord - the guard and the handle covered with leather.
    The blade is held by a leather strap located in the upper third.
    As it was believed that the "katana" represented the spirit of the Bushi warriors, The Shinai is treated with respect and attention. It would be to violate the ceremonial of Kendo that to walk on a Shinai.
    description shinaï here
  • Shihan Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Chief instructor, Teacher.
  • Shoji Nishimura Master

    Shoji Nishimura is a chief karate instructor of USA Wado-ryu* Karate-do Renmei in California. He has over 35 years experience in Karate and has 7th degree black belt. In 1977, he was the karate club captain of Rissho University in Tokyo, Japan. While he was in the club, he participated in many kinds of karate tournaments and won many awards including several fighting-spirit prizes. He got the following awards at the tournaments in the U.S., Japan and England:
  • Shodo (Syodo) Japanese Culture

    The art of shodo originated in China and came to Japan in the sixth or seventh century, along with methods for making brushes, ink, and paper. In those days, calligraphy was an essential part of the education of members of the ruling noble families. .
  • Shorinjiryu Japanese Martial Art

    TShorinjiryu was founded in Japan, by Kaiso Masayoshi Kori Hisataka. Kaiso Hisataka based Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo on his training in Okinawan Karatedo, Shorinji Kempo and various other traditional martial arts.
  • Sims Alan Author

    I started studying Goju Karate from James Eaton Jr in the early 70's before studying Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Lee Moy Shan for approximately 2 years.

    During the latter 70's, I began studying Taijiquan under Larry Banks, who was an early student of the late Taiji genius Jou Tsung Hwa. I've been practicing Taijiquan ever since.
    I began writing articles in Tai Chi magazine during the late 80's whose founder and publisher Marvin Smalheiser recently passed away. I continued to have articles published in different publications with 2 just in this year.

    During my study of Taijiquan, I not only learned from the early period of Jou Tsung Hwa's teaching in Piscataway New Jersey, but also at the Taiji Farm in Warwick New York.
    sims Alan Sims A posture from Wu Yu Xiang's 13 posture knife.
    contact alan Sims see bio here
  • Si Lim Tao (or Siu Nim Tao) Chinese Martial Arts

    First form by Bertrand Lim Wing Chun Kung Fu.

  • Siow L.K. Yvonne Master

    Master in Pa kua (bagua)Zhuan Zhang Ba Shi style , Cheng style and Long Xing style. Live in Hong Kong.
  • SKIF Japanese Martial Arts Sigle

    The SKIF (Shôtôkan Karatedô International Federation) was founded in 1978 by Kanazawa Hirokazu. It has several million members in over 130 countries. The SKIF is the worlds largest Shôtôkan Karate organisation under one chief instructor. It presently has 135 affiliated groups all over Japan. The SKIF Tokushima Jôsanjima branch was established in September 2011. BY Wolf Herbert
  • Sniper Culture Martial Arts

    Snipers are trained archers whose main feature is perfect concealing. Along with the perfect camouflage they are prepared for scouting and observation, penetration within enemy lines, basic survival and lots of deadly techniques, which makes them one of the deadliest branches in every army, especially during wars. Here
  • So Kim Kwong Master

    Pakmei Master.
  • son-kyo Japanese Martial Arts Kendo

    It is a crouched position that one takes before and after a ici
  • Sosuishitsu-Ryu Japanese Martial Arts

    Sosuishitsu-Ryu, "School of pure water", a Japanese martial art style created in 1650 by the samurai Fugatami Misanori Hannosuke. ...more
  • Stainko David Master / Author

    Author of articles on Martials Arts for Sifu Mag and other magazines see bio and articles
  • Sun Tai chi chuan Chinese martial arts

    The initiator of Sun-style taiji boxing was Sun Lutang (1860-11-15/1932) from Ding xian county in Hebei province. More... For video see "Sun Jian yu"
  • Sun Lutang Master

    The initiator of Sun-style taiji boxing was Sun Lutang (1860-11-15/1932) from Ding xian county in Hebei province. Sun was master of Xingyi quan and Bagua zhang (pakua). In 1911, he followed Hao Weizhen to learn the Wu Yuxiang style taiji (tai chi). In 1916, Master Sun book publications "Pakua boxe". He later created the Sun style of Taiji boxing by blending the cream of the Wu Yuxiang style Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua. The feature of the Sun Taiji is that practionners advance or retreat freely with quick and dexterous movements, which are connected with each other either in closing or opening stances when the direction is changed. More...
  • Sun Jianyun Master

    (1914/2003) Daughter of the founder of Tai Chi Chuan Sun style. Here short bio