Program M

  • Ma Gui Master Chinese Martial Arts

    (1854/1940) Pakua (bagua) master
  • Mae Geri Technique Karate

    Right kick
    see here...
  • Man Wing Kai Master Chinese Martial Arts

    Master Man Wing Kai was born in Canton, he started his Kung Fu training when he was a child. He's one of the earliest disciples of Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung.
  • Martinez augustin (master) Japanese Martial Arts

    Master Ninjutsu here...
  • Masutatu Oyama

    Master Masutatsu Ōyama (1923/1994) founded Kyokushin Karate, considered the first and most influential style of full contact karate
  • Mawashi geri

    Round-house Kick see here...
  • Mawate or Mawatte Terminology Japanese Martial Arts

  • Mei Hua tang Lang Chinese MartialArts

    Demo Master Jiao Gao here
  • Mei hua zhuang Chinese Martial Arts

    Plum flower
  • Men Hui feng

    (1937) Coach of Chinese martial arts in 1963. He created the form of 48 movements of taichi chuan (taijiquan), Create 42 and in 2000 created the Dongyue tai chi chuan (dongyue taiji), a compilation of 10 years of work of the 5 styles of tai chi chuan (taijiquan)
  • Meteor hammerChinese Martial Arts Weapon

    (or "rope dart"). Meteor hammer kwnon as flying hammer, is one of soft weapons. Long ago, when unting, man used vine rope to tie stone balls and throw them so as to bind the legs of wild animals. Practice versions are typically made of thick rope, with a monkey's fist knot at either end of the rope. When in action, the hammer in the front hand is used fot attack and the other fot protection. In practice, you may put the rop around your neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist... After the hammer is released, it moves as fast as a meteor. demo here...
  • Methodology martial art Martial Arts

    The phenomenon of expansion of various martial arts and sports across the world is of such intensity which is hard to explain even to psychologists, sociologists, different sports journalists and other professionals. (article by D.Stainko) Read more
  • Ming He kung fu Chinese Martial Arts

    Kung fu form of crane here
  • Monkey kung fu Chinese Martial Arts

    Extract from a Kung fu form of the monkey here
  • Montserrat Roberto Master

    6ème dan Fédération Française d'Aïkido et de Budo
    6ème dan de Aïkikaï de Tokyo
    Diplôme d'Etat de Perfectionnement Sportif DE069140053
    Brevet d'Etat N° 075 09 0795
    Hombu Dojo Tokyo Membership 266867 Rokudan N° 2808
    Diplôme UFA Rokudan 60608-12
  • Morihiro Saito Master

    (1928/2002 )Was born in Ibakari. In 1946, he met and became the student of Master Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.
  • Motobu Choki (Master) Japanese Martial Arts

    coming soon