• Age uke Terminology Japanese martial arts

    ageuke Upper block Here
  • Age ashi (Ago ashi)Terminology Japanese martial arts

    (ago-ashi) Ago = Chin. Push back on the chin. Term of Judo
  • Alan Sims

    I studying Goju Karate from James Eaton Jr in the early 70's before studying Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Lee Moy Shan for approximately 2 years. During the latter 70's, I began studying Taijiquan under Larry Banks, who was an early student of the late Taiji genius Jou Tsung Hwa. I've been practicing Taijiquan ever since. I began writing articles in Tai Chi magazine during the late 80's whose founder and publisher Marvin Smalheiser recently passed away. I continued to have articles published in different publications with 2 just in this year. During my study of Taijiquan, I not only learned from the early period of Jou Tsung Hwa's teaching in Piscataway New Jersey, but also at the Taiji Farm in Warwick New York. bio and article here
  • Aiki Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Harmonizing of Ki
  • Aiki Budo Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Name given by Ueshiba Morihei of a style of close combat.
  • Aikido History ( Japanese martial arts

    Aikido history coming soon
  • Aikikai Japanese Name

    Association for the practice of Aikido which dates from 1948 by the son of the founder (Ueshiba Kishomaru).
  • Asthma and martial arts

    Martial arts against asthma attack here
  • Atemi Terme Japonais

    Strike to a vital area.Ate= Technique Mi= Frappe Ate= Technique Mi= Frappe.
  • Angelique Sue (culture)

    coming soon