• Abe TadashiJapanese Master

    (1920/1984) Master in Aikido. Disciple of the founder Ueshiba Morihei.
  • Advincula Arcenio James

    (1938/ ) Master. Started training Martial Ats in 1946. First-generation student of the founder of Isshin-ryū Karate, Tatsuo Shimabuku
  • Age uke Terminology Japanese martial arts

    ageuke Upper block Here
  • Age ashi (Ago ashi)Terminology Japanese martial arts

    (ago-ashi) Ago = Chin. Push back on the chin. Term of Judo
  • Aiki Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Harmonizing of Ki
  • Aiki Budo Terminology Japanese martial arts

    Name given by Ueshiba Morihei of a style of close combat.
  • Aikido History ( Japanese martial arts

    Aikido history coming soon
  • Aikikai Japanese Name

    Association for the practice of Aikido which dates from 1948 by the son of the founder (Ueshiba Kishomaru).
  • Alan Sims author

    Author of articles on tai chi chuan for Sifu Mag and other magazines see bio and articles
  • Aragaki ankichiJapanese Master

    (1899/1927)) Master of karate Shorin Ryu. Of a rich family, he practiced karate all the time. His striking with the toes was very famous. The family business known to be very difficult which may be one of the causes of his death from his ulcer to the stomach.
  • Asthma and martial arts

    Martial arts against asthma attack here
  • Atemi Terme Japonais

    Strike to a vital area.Ate= Technique Mi= Frappe Ate= Technique Mi= Frappe.
  • Angelique Sue Culture

    coming soon
  • Au C. Tsan Master

    Wing Chun Master see video
  • Awa KenzoJapanese Master

    (1880/1939) Master of Kyudo (archery). Founder of Dai Shado School.His new style required participants to see the true purpose of archery as a way to perfect the human spirit.
  • Awazu Shozo Japanese Master

    (1923/2016 ) Master of judo who achieved the rank of Kōdōkan 9th Dan. He led the development of judo in France.He came in France in 1950 and was the assistant of Mikinosuke Kawaishi for introduce the judo in France